Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Some pictures from the past weeks (months). Visited the cherry tree park, which is located near us yet I've never visited there before. They had just started to bloom so it looked really pretty. 

Then it was time for the annual weekend trip to my friends cottage. And we were really lucky with the weather. It was so warm and nice. Even if most of us looked like cooked lobsters when we got home. 

One thing I absolute love about Finnish summer is that it's always bright during the night. This picture is taken around 2am. Every summer I'm blown away with this, and just how pretty our country is during the summer. 

Then it was time for my birthday ! Can't believe I'm already 22....where has time gone?! 
Mom , dad and I did a road trip to a couple of stores that are a bit further away from home and then drove the scenic road home and stopped here and there. 

Then later on two of my good friends came over and we enjoyed the evening sitting outside talking, drinking and laughing. 

Had one of the best days ever yesterday, I'll try to post about it tomorrow ! 

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