Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Road Trip

Monday was the most fun monday I've had in awhile. Two of my really good friends and I did a road trip to the southwest part of Finland, and it was so much fun. It took couple of hours to drive, with some stops at gas station and coffee runs, but it didn't feel that bad with all the old school tunes that we played. 

First we arrived at Naantali which is a cute small town just outside of Turku. There we walked around and took a couple of pictures before finding a place to have lunch at. 

The girls ordered a pitcher of Sangria of which I had a small taste but since I was the driver I stayed with soft drinks and water. 

It was so nice and warm that you could enjoy your lunch in the sun without a problem. It truly felt like summer, which it hasn't really felt yet. 

Since Moomin world is located just outside Naantali they had a shop full of Moomin stuff that we had to visit. I found a moomin keychain to my car keys and my friend found a gift for her boyfriend. 

After walking around for a bit we hoped back in the car and drove to this amazing small island outside of Naantali. It was so pretty to drive from one island to the other. We wanted to stop somewhere to enjoy the day so we found a small dirt road that had a beach at the end of. It wasn't big but worked fine for us to sit and chill for a bit. 

And to have a photo shoot ;) 

Then after that we drove another two hours to Hanko which is the most southern tip of Finland. There we walked around, eat and had some frozen yoghourt. After that it was time for a two hour drive back home, and it was nice to finally get back home after 14 hour long day of driving and walking around. 

The purpose of this trip was to spend some time with my best friend who soon leaves for a big adventure and I won't see her in three months. It's going to be hard to be away from each other but I know this is going to be a great learning experience for her as well as a dream job opportunity. Still sucks to be away from her since she'll be in a different country. Thankfully we live in 2017 and we have smartphones with whatsapp, snapchat and Skype. God bless smartphones !!
All in all it was the most fun I've had in awhile. With all the old songs that we sang along, laughed and danced to. The stories we shared and plans we made. Really needed a trip like that between work and waiting for the results from the schools I've applied to. 

It truly was the perfect summer day! 

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