Monday, February 13, 2017

February Girl Crush

One of my all time favourite girls in hollywood has always been Selena Gomez. That's why I figured she would make the perfect first girl crush. Part of a new segment.  She is someone I've looked up to for a long time both on her professional life as well as on her private one. She has a style that I admire, I like the fact that she doesn't try to dress older than what she is instead keeps it youthful. That is one of the reasons I like to take ideas from her style to my own.  Even though most of the times I can't afford exactly what she's wearing but...

Especially this past year she showed that it's okay not to be okay, which is important in todays social media world to acknowledge that even the ones whom may look perfect and great on the outside won't necessary have to be the that on the inside. I was bummed when she canceled her tour which I had tickets for, but it was a reminder that we are all human and sometimes we need to put ourself first and take care of our one body we are given. 

She is also someone I look forward to see what she's wearing to different award shows. I love the fact that she always stays very natural and won't try something over the top thing. 

Love watching her grow and grow with her and her music. This is someone who is incredible strong soul, just think how public her relationship with Justin Bieber was. And to survive that very public break up and everything that came with it. How she handle that with grace I admire a lot. Not something you see very often in the tabloids. 

Her music is a big part of who she is, therefore I thought I would share some of my favourites of hers to different moods.

When you need to break free - Same old Love

Love songs - The heart wants what it wants & Love will remember

When you need some believing - Nobody & Who Says

Feel good - Come & get it , I want you to know, Hands to myself

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