Monday, January 2, 2017


Crazy to think that another year has passed again by. I decided to do a similar post that I did last year, kind of just wrapping the year up see what really happened during 2016.


Spent New Years at a friends house with fireworks and good company. Also my Brazilian family was still here for a couple of more days. I remember we got a ton of snow in January after having a black Christmas. I was excited, but not doing all the snow work but more playing around it. 


February aka the baby month. I had two christenings that I attended during February. That's the reason I call it the baby month. I also stayed up and watched the Super Bowl once again. Other than that it was work that took up most of my time. 


In March I was more away from home than home at all. At the beginning of the month my friend and I traveled to London where we spent a couple of nights. That was our first trip together and we are already talking about where we should head next. After I came home, where I was just for a couple of the days, I headed for Brazil to see my dad and stepmom. That was the first time in over 5 years I've been back there. Felt so so good to be back in a country I used to visit once a year when I was younger. 


Couple of days after I got home my dad also got back home, felt nice to have him here full time again after 4 months. Also the last day of April I got to wear my graduation hat for the first time since graduation. It's a tradition here. 


May was a busy month. From picnics, to weekend at a friends cottage, to getting my top braces off and going to one go the best concerts in my life. It was also the first month of the summer which would be packed with work. 


Probably my favourite month since it's my birthday month. This year I turned 21 and decided to step up the get together a little bit whit balloons and punch. Also my best friend and I did a quick day trip to Tallinn. The weather was so nice that day, eating lemon sorbet and walking around. Perfect! 

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