Thursday, December 29, 2016

Last trip of the year

I still had time and managed to squeeze in a last trip for this year. My mom, a friend and I went to Tallinn yesterday. It's so easy to go there since it's only a 2 hour trip with a ship. We left early in the morning and got back around 10 pm. A lot of walking around the old town and shops. Thought I would find a lot of things there since all the shops had sales but didn't really find anything at all. Might also be a good thing since that meant I saved some money! 

Of course we had to have some Mulled wine (which we call glögg here). I was excited when I found out that they still had their Christmas square going on, since the one here ended the day before Christmas. 

The city looked so pretty with all the Christmas lights and the buildings lighted up. My friend and mom where hopping hand in hand down the street looking like two 10 year olds. Bless their hearts ;) 

Still amazes me that my friend and I have known each other since 1999 when I started in the same kindergarden as her. After that we've been in the same schools and still to this day keep in touch and go on trips like this. We say that we are more than friends we're like sister since both of our parents get along and her dad is like a dad to me and my mom is like a mom to her. 

P.S Who's excited for New Years ? I know I am ! 

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