Thursday, August 18, 2016

Week recap

Once again my life has been hectic with no time to update, work has been taking up most of my time and trying to have a social life is always hard when it feels all you're doing is working. 
It was also my dad's birthday here last week so we had a bunch of relatives from Sweden visiting so all the free time was spent with them. I must say our family is very interesting and never seems to stop amazing me. But I love everyone ! It was so nice to spend time with everyone who I haven't seen in years. Go shopping with my aunt and cousins child. Hear stories about my dad and his brothers when they were younger! Getting older has made me appriciate family and the time we spend together. 

Couple of pictures of my dad and I from his birthday dinner. Went to a restaurant you could see Helsinki and the railway station from. Never been there before but the food was absolutely delicious! Ravintola Loiste was the name of the place! Worth visiting! 
Also finally we had some girl group time and got coffees just like we used to! It's hard to try to spend time together when some friends are studying far away or hut busy with life in general, that's why I cherish these moments we get to spend together and catch up on things just like we used to. 

Also went to a Finnish design museum with my relatives. Always wanted to visit this museum but never had the time so I was excited to finally see it. They had a bunch of old Finnish furniture , couple of things I could buy to my own apartment. If they didn't cost around 4000 euros ! 
Also had some father daughter time here on Tuseday when we went to watch a football game. American style! One of my favorite sports to watch! Had to explain some details to my dad thou, but it was fun! 

I'll try to post more often, I have a couple of post ideas just need to fulfill them. So it's just not me talking about my life! But I'm starting at a new work place tomorrow and still unsure how many hours I have in total! Excited to start! 


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