Saturday, July 16, 2016

What's in my carry on?

Since I'm traveling tomorrow I thought it would be fun to share my carry on essentials, must have things when traveling. 

1. First of I always have hand sanitizer with my anywhere I go because you never know when you might need it. Also lip balm is also important cause the air on the plans are usually very dry and so that's a must. Also something that I've started to carry with me now when traveling is bronzer because I usually look super pale and tired after a flight and putting on a a little bit bronzer will help you out! Also something that I have that I don't have in the picture is hand lotion. 

2. Well this is a no brainer, you need your passport and wallet when traveling. I always have both cash and card with me, sometimes there might be problems with cards. You never know! 

3. I get cold very easily, reason why I almost every time have extra clothes with me wherever I go. And planes can be cold when the AC kicks in, therefore I always take a pair of wool socks with me. No cold feet for this girl! 

4. Doesn't matter if it's a 3 hour flight or 12 hour flight I will always get bored that's why I always have a couple of magazines and a book with me. 

5. Always have my camera in my carry on, safest that way. 

6. Also ever since I got my MacBook I've took with me to most of my trips, also I like to move pictures from my camera to my computer every now and then cause you never know what happens. 

7. I added a number 7 here to add some things you can't see here but are with me. Of course I have my phone with me and chargers to all the electronics. I also have gum with me to chew on during take off and landing cause I hate when my ears get blocked. Also a water bottle is must. Sometimes I bring one from home (a empty one of course) but sometimes I buy one from the airport and fill it up when I can. 

Those are some of the must have things with me when traveling! 
Any questions feel free to ask! 

Now I need to get some sleep before an early wake up! 

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