Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Reviewing my trip

So here's more pictures as promise. They go in order, but that you can tell by my colour as well. Ha! I thought I would share some do's and dont's. 

First do is to go to a local pastry place and buy a pastel , it's a rectangular shape and thin and usually has either cheese or meat in it. It's a must to try for everyone who goes to Brazil. And to drink with it take either Maracuya juice or Guarana juice. Both are local fruits and delicious. 

Another Do  is to travel around the country, don't just stay in one place because Brazil has many amazing locations to visit. If you don't know where to go ask a local, they are very polite and nice and will help you out with finding places to go. 

My first Dont's has to do with the previous what to do. I did tell you to travel around but not by car. Or if you do decided to rent a car you want to be a good driver because the traffic in Brazil is on a whole another level. There can be 3 cars next to each other when there's only two lines and then have mopeds coming trough between the car lines. It's crazy! So make sure you know how to drive. And also make sure the road you decided to drive is safe. Since in Brazil and Rio especially there's a lot of slums and they can start all of a sudden and before you realise it you are stuck in there, so always double check the roads. Because the GPS won't tell you if you're going to drive trough a slum or not.

Another Don't  is when going to places that are big tourist attractions don't take a lot of personal belongings or a big bag. Those places also attract pocket thieves. But in general always be careful with your belongings. 

Have to explain this picture. We were driving on a gravel road to the waterfall and there were cattle on both sides, all of which reminded me of South Dakota. Therefore I hopped out of the car to say hi to the cows and my dad decided to snap a picture of it all. 

My last Do is, buy a coconut on the beach. You can either have it during the day or end your day by watching the sunset at the beach with a coconut. Just do it, don't ask questions. You won't regret it. 
Overall I recommend Brazil as a travel destination. And it will always have a special place in my heart. 

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