Monday, March 14, 2016

Sun, sea and sand

Finally in a country with some heat and sun! The weather has been amaging these first two days. Sun is shining and it's 30 some degrees outside. The only bad part is that I didn't get my luggage when arriving here in Rio, but I should get it later today. It's coming with a later flight from Paris. Not to happy about that part, even though they gave me a paper where it says I can use 100€ to buy all necessary things but it's not the same as having your own things. So that has been a bit of a bummer for the trip but as I said I should get it today. Which is a good thing because tomorrow we are traveling to a island and so I need my stuff there. We are going to stay there until the end of this week. I think there's wifi at the hotel we are staying at. 

Here's some pictures I took this morning when I went out on a walk with my dad. Amazing view! We went out around 9 am and it was already 25 degrees. Getting used to this heat will take some time but it's better than the slushy snow we have at home.

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