Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I soon have tea, ginger, vitamins and all other flu killing factors coming out of my ears. I've been feeling like i'm getting down with something. Definitely not something I would like to happen just a few days before heading to London. So I've been drinking tea like crazy, trying to take it easy and just relax. For most part that has worked out but not on Friday! Went out to bowl with some of my friends ( I know, again) and then afterwards we ended up chilling at a friends house and watching a movie. Didn't get home until 4:30 am! Oh well, so worth it!

A picture I took last year when traveling to Vienna

On Sunday I did get some things done thou, things that i only needed a laptop and my credit card! Haha! I bought our ( me and my friends ) luggage for London. Just feels like a rip off that you have to pay for the suitcase but it's just their way to make money I guess. And I also bought tickets for Madame Tussaud's since its way cheaper to buy them ahead than from the actual location. Just a tip for all future travelers that are going to London. 

But it feels like I won the battle against the flu this time, feeling a lot better. Now a just have a few things to do before my London trip. And since it's the first day of March today that also means that a new temptation to be without, and this month that is fast food. But now I have things do to and places to go! Have a good Tuesday! 

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