Friday, March 11, 2016


I'm so late with this post, but better late than never right? But now I have finally some time to tell an update on my trip to London.

London was amazing as always! We had such luck with the weather as well, nice warm sunny weather which doesn't happen very often there. Overall the trip was a success, both sightseeing vice and shopping. I'm so broke at the moment, oopsie! Primark got the best of me. If you're going to London that is a must store to visit. I would almost say it's sight to see along with Big Ben and Piccadilly Circus. Our hotel was on a great location, near Paddington Station where you could take a train straight from the airport to. And then we had two underground stations near as well, plus all the great restaurants near by.

On our first day there we found a really cute Irish pub near Oxford street where we went to eat lunch. It's so cozy and the food was great. I had said before the trip that I would at least once eat Fish & Chips and that's what I had there , so so good! 

                                                        I have an app on my phone that counts the amount of steps I take each day, and with those it also calculates how many kilometres I've walked. And counted together I walked about 45 kilometres in 3 days! Who said shopping isn't a sport ? ;) 

One of the many reason why I love London as a city is that everything is close to each other and the underground system is so easy to use and fast. My friend asked me while we were there that could I see myself living in London and honestly I could. 

We also visited some new places, or places I haven't been to before. One of them was Buckingham Palace. Such a pretty area and filled with tourists. Felt so weird to stand in the same spot you have seen on TV so many times when they have had all their parades or weddings. 

Another new place for me was Hyde Park. Definitely a must in London, don't know why I haven't been there before. We went to see the memorial fountain for Princess Diana. So pretty with all the water running in different formations. 
Another stop was the Kensington Palace, a beautiful area as well. We didn't go and walk inside the palace, but walking around was enough for me. Overall the park must be gorgeous during spring and summer when everything is green and blooming. 

So thankful for these signs on the road. Since the Brits drive on the wrong side of the road, we had no clue which way to look for cars. But reading these I knew which way, saved us from getting run over. 

Ended up being a pretty long post, but there's more pictures than words so I let the pictures speak for them self. This week has been back to reality, work, but not for long. Just got my suitcase unpacked and now switched to a bigger one and back to packing again. Leaving for Brazil tomorrow ! Very excited about that ! 

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