Tuesday, February 23, 2016


The past few days has been busy busy ! I was going to write an update yesterday but ended up going bowling with some of my friends. And I won! Wohoo ! The boys weren't to happy about it but oh well. My weekend was pretty boring, just at home for the most part. I did have my cousins boy's christening on Saturday but that was pretty much it. 

Friday I had work again.  I had my mom braid my hair on Thursday into two french braids because I wanted my hair to be wavy on Friday. Well I didn't expect me to turn out to look like Tina Turners long lost daughter. (just a side note, we put the braids when my hair was dry.. so just imagine what it would look like if it had been wet) 

Here's what I wore to the christening. It was snowing like crazy that day so I'm happy I chose to put black pants instead of a dress. Also everything went easier when my hair stayed curly from Friday. As fun as it was to see family, the constant questions of what I'm doing with my life was getting annoying. I mean I was expecting it because it's family but still. I even got asked if I'm engaged yet, sorry to disappoint but I don't even have a boyfriend yet! 

I'm all about how you start your Monday reflects on the entire week, therefore I started the day with a killer work out. Reason why I barley can walk today! No pain, no gain! 

I bought a new cabinet from IKEA yesterday so now I need to empty the old one and make room for the new one. That's what I have planed for this lovely Tuesday. 

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