Monday, February 8, 2016

Sport Sunday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday ! I know that not all of you (if any) are excited about this day but I am. During my exchange I fell in love with American Football. It wasn't necessary just the game it self but the atmosphere that came along with it. And ever since I've been following the NFL here at home as well. The only bad part is that the games usually are played in the middle of the night for me. Like today, looks like I'll be pulling a all-nighter since the game begins at 1:30 am. Good thing I bought snacks ;)

Other than that my weekend has been good. Had work on Friday and on Saturday I was DDing for some of my friends. A very eventful night to say the least. Other than that nothing has really happened... What I should do is to find a suitcase for London. Been needing a in-between-sice, cause I have a big one and then a small one but nothing in between those two. So I need to see if I could find a somewhat cheap one.

Now I'm going to enjoy the game, Lady Gaga already killed the national anthem so can't wait for the halftime show !

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