Sunday, January 24, 2016

Traveling March

I'm starting to get really excited for March ! A lot of traveling is happening in that month, making it the one month I'm looking forward the most right now.
The first weekend of March me and one of my oldest friends are making a girls weekend trip to London ! So excited for that! It's been many years since I was there last time and I absolutely love London so I'm very excited ! Plus it's going to be the first trip we make together just the two of us, making it even more exciting !


My other trip will be towards the end of the month when I'll be going to Brazil to spend a couple of weeks with my dad and stepmom! Super excited about that as well! It's been quite awhile since I was last time in Brazil so it's nice to go back, plus it's summer there so it will be nice and warm compared to the cold and snowy weather we have here !


Still a lot of preparations needs to be done for both trips but I've already took care of the most important factor, work. So now I can move to the smaller things that need to be taken care of before hitting the skies. But talking about work I better get my stuff ready and head out soon !
 Have a relaxing Sunday everyone ! 

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