Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Years Resolution

Happy New Year 2016 everyone ! Wishing everyone had a great start to this new year, I for sure had a great night with my friends. As a new year begins I reflect on my year before and think what I would do different this year. So I made some New Years resolutions but it's not the cliché I'm going to start working out or I'm going to eat healthier this year. There's nothing wrong with those but you don't need a new year for you to start working out or eating healthier. Therefore my resolutions are to be more appreciated of what I have and to learn more about myself.

My step-mom sent me this today and this is something I want to do this year. To make sure I appreciate everything that happens, good or bad. After all there's a reason for everything. Can't wait until next New Years to read all the notes ! 

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Something I already tried to do last year but only did for a couple of months is to be without something every month. It might be a type of food or something you drink or pretty much anything.  Just trying to see how you can live without it and how it affects you. This first month, January, I'm going to be without alcohol. Not that it's going to be hard for me but just something to kick of the year. This year I hope I can make it trough the whole year and not just couple of months like last time. Fingers crossed ! 

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