Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Family by heart, not blood

Been busy going everywhere this past few days! My Brazilian family has been visiting and my dad and I have been showing them around. It's always fun to show people places they never seen before and also seeing things from a different point of view. Sadly tomorrow is their last day and saying goodbye will be hard. Really blessed to have been able to spend time with them, been too long since I last saw them.

The pictures are from Fiskars, a town we visited earlier in the week. Love that place, it's such a cute small town.

It's been freezing cold here these past few days. Would have loved to just stay inside covered in blankets but I've been up and going , both outside and inside. Done some shopping since all the stores have sales but not a whole lot. A lot of the same stuff that I don't really care for, but did find some good things I'll do a separate post about ! 

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