Sunday, December 27, 2015

Year 2015

As the year is coming to an end I decided to make a recap of what has been going on this past year. A lot has happened, and looking back at pictures I remember things I've already forgotten. It's also nice to look back on things and be grateful and blessed for another year.


New year started with my closest friends and on January 8 my dear sister from New Zealand arrived. So much fun to show her around where I'm from. One of the favourite things were when we travelled to Lapland. We did things that I've never done before, like husky safari. Amazing experience, and share it with her just made it even better. 


The main event in February was penkkis for sure. Us seniors had the time of our life. Just a day I will never forget! That day was one of the reasons I choose the school I did. Just to get the experience! So worth it! Also did a quick day trip to Tallinn with my friends and ended having the best octopus salad in my entire life.


March was a busy month! Couple of birthdays, one of them was my moms which we spent at Katy Perrys concert. Also went on a cruise to Stockholm with my friends, a lot of fun that as well! And since I didn't have any classes and was supposed to read to my finals I often ended up playing with my bunny.


In April I was done with my finals but had to start studying for my entrance exams for future schools. Also celebrated easter, started working at the ice cream shops again and bought a balloon for first of May celebrations. 


Another super busy month. Did some of my entrance exams, found out I graduated and then began planning both invitations and the party it self. I decided to make the invitations myself, a lot of work but wanted them to be personal. Happy with how they turned out and a big thank you to my mom for helping. Dad also came back from Brazil just in time for graduation. So proud of me and my friends for graduating. A big milestone in my life.


In June I travelled a lot. First to Tallinn at the beginning of the month and then at the end to Crete. I also bought a new camera with my graduation money and had my bunny as my first model to test it out. Happy I bought it just before the trip so that I could play around with it there. Really happy with how the pictures turned out. Love taking pictures and this camera is just amazing! 

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