Friday, December 11, 2015

Sleep in heavenly peace

I'm back home ! Been home for a week now and it feels like it's been a long long week. One reason is that jet lag has been kicking my butt. It's always harder coming back and trying to get back to the right time. Not only am I physically tired I'm also mentally and that has to do with that when I cam back I found out my dear bunny Bono had passed away couple of nights before I arrived. It's been hard without him, he has been there half of my life.

This was taken just before I left for my trip on his 10th birthday.  Happy we got to spend that time together. Just hard to move on and find that daily routine now that it doesn't have a bunny in it. It's been hard but I know only time will heal. Now all I can do is try to say positive and cherish the moments and years we had together.

Sleep in peace Bono !

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