Monday, December 28, 2015

Ending year 2015


I don't have any other pictures from July than the ones from Crete. Just love that places! And I still don't know how but they misspelled my name. I didn't think that was possible since it's pretty simple and a international one, but I guess when in Greece. Looking at these pictures just makes me want to go back there straight away. Also in July I got the results from the entrance exams and unfortunately I didn't get into any schools. Meaning I'll try again next spring.


Since August continued being nice and warm one of my best friends and I took a trip to the city of Hanko for the day. Great one day trip. Stayed on the beach and then walked around had lunch at a nice restaurant near the water. Also went to american football game, just to calm the american in me haha ! Also had nice get together with my friends, great way to end the summer. 


September was the month that showed us that fall is coming. Got to go free to the amusement park with my dear friend, the rain didn't bother us one bit. Not much happened, a lot of work and cause fall was coming I saw some of the most amazing sunsets when leaving. In mid September I got braces, something I have been going back and forth with for a long time but decided it was time to get my teeth straighten. First week was hell but it got better. 


Surprise surprise we ended up going to Crete again for a week. This was the first time we went this late during the year and twice in a year. The weather was amazing and being there when it isn't full of tourists was pretty sweet too. Also in October I spent one of best weekends during the whole year. We went to my friends cottage and it was just a blast. Something we all agreed we need to do again in the spring when it's a bit warmer. I got home with a flu but it was so worth it.


In November I worked pretty much every Friday. Also celebrated my dear bunnys 10th birthday, little knowing it would be his last :/ Also started packing for leaving to USA again to see my family and friends. There's just something in that place that keeps pulling me back. I'm sure if I had my own plane I would fly there every month. A piece of my heart will always belong to beautiful South Dakota. 


December saw a month of tears. It was hard leaving the U.S but never in million years would I have imagined it would be even harder to be home. Coming home and finding out my loving sweet bunny boy Bono had passed away was a shock. Took me awhile to get used to that. But when it's dark you need to find the light and that would be step-mom arriving along with her sister and mom. I haven't seen her in 3 years so I was really happy to see her. Spent christmas in a snowless Finland only dreaming of snow. Now it's only couple of hours until New Years and then it's 2016. Can't wait what the year has to offer. 

Happy New Year to all you beautiful people ! Be safe!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Year 2015

As the year is coming to an end I decided to make a recap of what has been going on this past year. A lot has happened, and looking back at pictures I remember things I've already forgotten. It's also nice to look back on things and be grateful and blessed for another year.


New year started with my closest friends and on January 8 my dear sister from New Zealand arrived. So much fun to show her around where I'm from. One of the favourite things were when we travelled to Lapland. We did things that I've never done before, like husky safari. Amazing experience, and share it with her just made it even better. 


The main event in February was penkkis for sure. Us seniors had the time of our life. Just a day I will never forget! That day was one of the reasons I choose the school I did. Just to get the experience! So worth it! Also did a quick day trip to Tallinn with my friends and ended having the best octopus salad in my entire life.


March was a busy month! Couple of birthdays, one of them was my moms which we spent at Katy Perrys concert. Also went on a cruise to Stockholm with my friends, a lot of fun that as well! And since I didn't have any classes and was supposed to read to my finals I often ended up playing with my bunny.


In April I was done with my finals but had to start studying for my entrance exams for future schools. Also celebrated easter, started working at the ice cream shops again and bought a balloon for first of May celebrations. 


Another super busy month. Did some of my entrance exams, found out I graduated and then began planning both invitations and the party it self. I decided to make the invitations myself, a lot of work but wanted them to be personal. Happy with how they turned out and a big thank you to my mom for helping. Dad also came back from Brazil just in time for graduation. So proud of me and my friends for graduating. A big milestone in my life.


In June I travelled a lot. First to Tallinn at the beginning of the month and then at the end to Crete. I also bought a new camera with my graduation money and had my bunny as my first model to test it out. Happy I bought it just before the trip so that I could play around with it there. Really happy with how the pictures turned out. Love taking pictures and this camera is just amazing! 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

May your days be Merry and Bright !

Merry Christmas everyone ! I hope your days has been filled with love, warmth and food. I love Christmas because it's the time to spend time with your family. Share memories, enjoy each others company and just be together. 

christmas, santa, and snow image

For me it's not all about the presents. Family before anything else. Sitting down and eating Christmas dinner together is one of my favourite moments during Christmas. 
Therefore cherish the time you have with your family. 

Hyvää Joulua!
God Jul!
Merry Christmas! 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Sleep in heavenly peace

I'm back home ! Been home for a week now and it feels like it's been a long long week. One reason is that jet lag has been kicking my butt. It's always harder coming back and trying to get back to the right time. Not only am I physically tired I'm also mentally and that has to do with that when I cam back I found out my dear bunny Bono had passed away couple of nights before I arrived. It's been hard without him, he has been there half of my life.

This was taken just before I left for my trip on his 10th birthday.  Happy we got to spend that time together. Just hard to move on and find that daily routine now that it doesn't have a bunny in it. It's been hard but I know only time will heal. Now all I can do is try to say positive and cherish the moments and years we had together.

Sleep in peace Bono !