Monday, November 23, 2015

Back in the land of cattle

I'm officially back in the U.S ! Wohoo ! Been over a year since I was last here so I'm excited to be back ! My travels went good, even though it seemed like the longest Saturday in history cause I kept going back in time. But other than that it was all good ! Happy to be with my family again and also really pleased that the surprise for the kids turned out perfect! They had no idea I was coming and to be here and surprise them when they got home, the look on their faces, was worth it all!
There's a lot of things here that I don't have at home, like a cow and a bull walking just outside my window or 4 siblings, would not change this for the world. Now I just need to get my SIM card in the mail and I'll be good to see everyone else that I've missed so much.

Airport waiting...

Game night before bed! 

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