Thursday, September 3, 2015

Who I am

Who am I? That's one of the main questions in my head when I decided to start writing a blog. What I wanted to write about, how I wanted to write was also two big questions but I always seemed to come back to that one not so simple question. I can't write about someone or something that I'm not.
Asking that question is a million times easier than trying to answer it. Sure I could go the easy way around and say that I'm a girl, I'm 20 and live in Finland. Right now I don't have a place to study so I'm working most of the days. But nothing in life is never easy and you can't cheat your way in it either. Therefore I need to dig a little deeper.

Looking back at my life I know I had a happy childhood even if my parents did split when I was four I still felt loved, from both of them. Already in my early years I got to travel a lot, thanks to my dad working in the aviation field, and grew to love airplanes and traveling. A passion that I still have to this day.

The most challenging time in my life was my early teenage years. Everything was changing, my body and mind, but also seemed like everyone else were as well. Some people knew already what they would  do once they grew up. I didn't have a clue. That made me feel even more lost since it seemed like everyone had their life figured out and I didn't. But that's just comes with the territory and without it you would never have a chance to change.
The most learning experience in my life so far has been my exchange. That made me realise that sometimes you need to leave everything you know and take a leap into the unknown for you to learn and grow as a individual. During that time I learned that I can do things on my own, that I can make it by myself too.  Forever grateful for that experience.

So who am I then? I'm someone who loves travelling, someone who loves experiencing new things (places, food, culture etc.), someone who loves to write and photography, someone that at times puts everyone else's needs before mine own and someone who always try's to see the best in everyone.

That's who I am and who I will be. 

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