Sunday, August 2, 2015

Old city love

I've always been interested in something old, whether it was architecture or history dosen't matter, therefore it makes sense that I love old towns and cities. There's one city in particular that I love because of it's old architecture and that's Rethynom. One of my favourite parts about the city is the small alleys that go across the whole city. The tourism has blended well in the city. Even though there are a bunch of souvenir shops they are built in the alleys so that don't take out anything of the local lifestyle. 

Some of the alleys have small hotels and shops but some of them have homes that the locals live in. Walking by you can see into their living room where usually sits a old lady or a man. 

Most of alleys are full with plants and flowers that make them even more prettier and makes them look more inviting. I could walk in those alleys a whole day and be happy. 

This is just one of the places I really wanna revisit every time I go to Crete. Just because I pretty much fell in love with it the first time I was there. 

Ouzo and raki ,which both taste like pure alcohol, cause that's pretty much all they are, are something that is usually served with dessert in Greece but is also a popular gift to take home. I've personally tried both cause I'm always up to trying new things but did not like them at all. Feels like you swallowed a fireball that rolls all the way down to your stomach ! 

P.s I would like to thank my dear friend for the romper I'm wearing ! Link to her store is here. 

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