Friday, July 17, 2015

My kind of paradise

Sun, sea, beach and great food, what more could you possible need?  To be back there would be a great start. I just got back from two amazing weeks in Crete, one of the most beautiful places I know. It's one of the many islands of Greece but it's definitely my favourite island in the whole world. To be back home is always good but the rainy and grey Finland makes it hard to appreciate it.
Crete is one of the places you can visit over and over again and never get tired since you always manage to find a new place to visit. This was my 11th time there and still I seemed to find places I've never seen before. But also knowing that there is a lot more to discover. Until next time!

These pictures are from Falassarna(Phalasarna) one of my favourite beaches in Crete. A place I really wanted to revisit this year.

We even went back one evening to catch the sunset, which I recommend to everyone to do if they visit Crete. Go watch the sunset at Falassarna beach! 

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