Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Big Apple

"Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothin' you can't do, now you're in New York" - Empire state of mind 

As Alicia Keys sings New York truly gives you a feeling that theres nothing you can't do when in New York. I've visited New York twice and fallen in love with it more and more after both times.
Last year in February I travelled with my mom and we stayed for 6 nights. Our hotel, Broadway at Time Square Hotel, was located near time square so we were close to everything. Even though it was only a couple of minutes from square it was pretty calm and quiet area. We used the subway a lot since it was easier to get around like that, and cheaper as well. Took some time to catch on the subway system but once we did it was easy to get around. 

Central Park is one of my favourite places on earth. I've only seen it during winter time so I can only imagine what it looks like during spring and summer. 

Fortunately it was good weather the day we visited central park, made the park look even more gorgeous. 

All the details on the staircase blew me away, how you can see all the birds and the flowers.  

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge was another highlight of the trip. We took the subway to Brooklyn and then walked across the East River. Because both mom and I are suckers for sunset we timed our walk to sunset. The view was absolutely amazing. 

Not only I'm a sucker for sunsets but also skyline pictures taken during night time. And to see New York becoming the city of lights while walking towards Manhattan was truly amazing.

And of course you can't go to New York and leave without a famous "smoke" picture. 

The most meaningful place I visited was the 9/11 memorial. It was emotional to visit the place where such a tragic accrued and to stand at the place where the twin towers once stood.

The white rose means that it's the persons birthday and this is their way of honouring the victim. Even though there was a lot of people visiting the memorial it was quiet. Everyone were either talking quietly or then they didn't say nothing at all which gave the memorial a very special feeling to it. 

And of course you can't visit New York without visiting Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty. Sadly on the day we visited the Statue of Liberty the weather was rainy and grey but that didn't stop us from hopping on a ferry just to see the Liberty herself.

New York is definitely one of my favourite places to travel to and it's one of those cites that you can never get tired of. And I can't wait to visit the city that never sleeps soon again.

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